Proprietary Trading

Our proprietary trading business emphasizes prudent operation and value investing, and aims to achieve stable returns while managing risk rigorously. We formulate our annual investment strategy that controls the investment scale and risk quota for our proprietary trading, taking into account our financial condition and performance. Our comprehensive and timely research on the markets, industry sectors and individual securities underpins the decision-making for our proprietary trading.

Other Securities Trading Services

We utilize our own funds to provide various other securities trading services and products to meet client needs in primarily three aspects: (1) liquidity and risk management—we offer market making service, capital-based intermediary bulk trade service, equity swap service, hedging service and provision of securities for the securities lending business; (2) financing—we offer securities-based lending product; and (3) investment—we offer “Daily Profit” (“天天利”), a dealer-quoted bond repurchase product and we have received qualifications to offer dealer-quoted fund repurchase products.

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