Our asset management products and services primarily include:

Collective asset management plans: we manage client assets for a group of clients while keeping client assets in designated accounts pursuant to applicable laws and in accordance with collective asset management contracts; and

Targeted asset management plans: with each plan, we manage assets for a single client pursuant to the specific terms of the bilateral contract between the client and us through a designated account.

In addition to our existing asset management plans, we also intend to develop specialized asset management plans. We have also obtained the requisite qualification to offer QDII asset management fund products and entrusted insurance fund management services, and are in the process of designing and preparing for the launch of such products and services.

As of December 31, 2012, we had served approximately 29,000 asset management clients. Our asset management plans are primarily sold through our nationwide branch network with close collaboration between our asset management business and our brokerage business. We also sell our asset management plans through third-party institutions.

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